Sawmill Landing
Lot Specifications Price CDN: $195,000

Size: 100 acre Waterfront Lot

Status: FOR SALE

Water Frontage: 1500ft

by waterfront
by waterfront
Dock front - view downriver
View downriver
Destination - beach.
Destination - beach.

100 Acre Waterfront Lot For Sale on Sawmill Landing Nova Scotia 100 Acre Waterfront Lot For Sale

The land may not warrant a dock, as the water is very deep close to the shore line all along the frontage. The front of the lot going from the up river to down river end is aprox 1500 ft. The elevation goes from 20 ft to about 4 ft above the high water line. From the land to the water is steep, so floats would be better, and bring them in for the winter. The river in that area may freeze over depending on the type of winter we have.

Our area is up and coming but due to the fact that there is no electricity at the site, the future could be a way off, as we speak. Also that could change if all the parties agreed to put in a line.There are no others along the way, and to coordinate, that would be a job in itself.

At present you could subdivide into lots of various sizes. That is what our plans would be for going forward.

The road to the lot is a gravel road off Route 7, about 6 miles west Sherbrooke and 2.5 miles from route 7. The village of Sherbrooke is well placed for all your basic needs, such as groceries, bank, hospital, restaurants, motels etc. Our population in Sherbrooke is aprox. 400 (on a good day).

There are no covenants on the land. There is nothing built on the land at present and it is surrounded by Nova Scotia government land. We call that "Crown Land".

Immediately south of our project Sawmill Landing , down river, is land owned by a person from Wales aprox 50 acres, that runs from the river to the gravel road that I mentioned above. The Welshman has a very narrow strip of land. Next to him the land is owned by a person from France, aprox 36 acres, also a narrow strip of land from the river to the gravel road.

These two people have put a road from the gravel road to the river along their adjoining property line. They might be the ones to help share the cost of bringing power in, about ($150,000.00). Next to them is a German Person and they own 84 acres from the river to the gravel road, a long narrow strip. Next to him is the crown land, for about 800 feet, and then us.

Financing Available

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marina fir tree fall
fir tree fall
Boating trip
Boating trip
view of marina lot
view of Dock Front Property
Adirondacks on Marina Lot
Adirondacks on a nearby lawn
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